Savage Bros at Philadelphia National Candy, Gifts, and Gourmet Show

If you work in the candy or gourmet specialty food industry, and you’re able to make a trip to Atlantic City, NJ this fall, then you’ll be excited to discover the Philadelphia National Candy, Gifts, and Gourmet Show! This event is one of the biggest of it’s kind, offering those seeking retail, wholesale, and manufacturing solutions. Here you will get a first-hand peek at the latest Specialty Confectionery Industry trends and introductions to the latest products in a range of categories. From candy and candy-making equipment, chocolate, packaging items and more, you’re sure to find something for enhancing your business.

Event Details:
When – September 10-12, 2017
Where – Atlantic City Convention Center
1 Convention Blvd, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Come Visit Savage Bros’ Exhibit!

Savage Bros is excited to participate in this year’s National Candy, Gifts, and Gourmet Show! We are one of the leading candy-making manufacturing companies in the North East, with over 150 years of experience in perfecting our craft! We work with our customers to engineer equipment that improves productivity and results in better confections. We are members of the Retail Confectioners Association of Philadelphia, and our stellar customer reviews speak for themselves!

Some of the many products we offer include: Electric stoves, cookers, and mixers, Candy kettle mixers, Heating and cooling tables, Chocolate melting and chocolate tempering, Remote digital thermometers and controller.

And much, much more

Savage Bros welcomes you to visit our exhibit, and we are more than happy to answer any questions you have about our products!

Sweet Confectioners’ Events We’re Attending in 2016

With September almost coming to a close, 2016 is right around the corner. Now that we’ve attended all of our scheduled events for 2015, it’s time to start preparing for next year’s lineup. From Las Vegas, Nevada to Johannesburg, South Africa, we will be exhibiting to, shaking hands with and mingling with the brightest minds in the industry from all across the globe. We’re incredibly thrilled to have opportunity to learn new things and keep up with the latest and greatest in confectionary products at the following events:

Philadelphia Candy, Gift & Gourmet Show: January 9-11, 2016/ Oaks, PA

PNCS LogoHeld at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, this well-known event aims to provide a forum where confectioners can meet, network, share ideas and develop skills. Offering educational courses, publications and online resources, it aims to help attendees learn about what it takes to build a great business. Savage Bros will be displaying our various types of candy cooking and processing equipment here.

Propak Africa: March 15-18, 2016/ Johannesburg, South Africa

propak_africa_logo_neu_3920Drawing confectioners from across the world to the Expo Centre at Nasrec, Propak Africa brings the highly-competitive packaging, processing, plastics, printing and labeling industries together. We will be showing off our S-92 gas FireMixer, Tabletop Extruder and Tabletop Chocolate Temperer & Depositor here.

PMCA Production Conference: April 11-13, 2016/ Lancaster, PA

70thlogosmallFeaturing a one-day supplier exhibition, educational seminars, networking opportunities and an annual golf tournament, this conference has been going on strong for 70 years. This event aims to:

1) Provide interactive forums for the open exchange of information.
2) Promote and direct basic and applied scientific research.
3) Educate and train current and future confectionery technical and manufacturing personnel.

RCI Annual Convention and Industry Exposition: June 20-24 2016/ Indianapolis, IN

2013 Expo Button for Exhibitors smallA great venue to see equipment, products and packing machinery, this annual event also offers educational forums and the opportunity to meet other manufacturers. We will be exhibiting next to many of the brightest companies within the industry.

ConfitExpo Mexico: August 4-7, 2016/ Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico

confitexpo_logo_6285 smallSouth of the border in Guadalajara is Confitexpo. Providing attendees with the latest information about products and innovations within the industry, this conference is a confectionary manufacturer and dealer’s wonderland.

International Baking Industry Exposition: October 9-11, 2016/ Las Vegas, NV

IBIE_LogoOften abbreviated as IBIE, this premiere bakery show is put on once every three years. Bringing together over 20,000 professionals from 100 different countries, this expo is one of the biggest and most comprehensive in the industry. We will be exhibiting our baking equipment here. This includes our bowl lifters, icing and chocolate processing equipment and enrobers.

PackExpo: November 6-9, 2016/ Chicago, IL

PackExpo_Logo2Last but not least on our schedule is PackExpo. Held at the massive McCormick Place in the gorgeous Windy City, this event is the largest processing and packaging trade show in the world. We will be displaying a long list of our chocolate melting & transfering systems here, as well as a long list of other products.

We couldn’t be more excited to attend all of these events and show off our machines to the rest of the industry. If you’ll be in attendance at any of these shows, feel free to stop by our booth to learn more about our long line of confectionery products. If you’re interested in learning more now, call us today and one of our representatives will fill you in on everything you need to know.

The History of Candles

Candles have been a part of human history for thousands of years; they are one of our earliest—and greatest—inventions. The first known reference to candles was more than 5,000 years ago in Avignon, France, where “rush lights” (rushes dipped in fat) were used to light great halls, cottages, shops and churches.

Candles - An Intriguing History

History of Candles

From there, candle making steadily advanced to use a variety of different materials. Everyday candles were typically made with animal fat from sheep or cows (tallow), beeswax or spermaceti (a substance derived from oil found in sperm whales). Tallow candles had the dimmest light and usually had a very foul odor; beeswax candles were less expensive and brighter, but not quite as bright as spermaceti candles (which were also less expensive, too!).

By the 19th century, patented candle-making machines were starting to be developed and allowed for mass-produced candles to be widely available and affordable. During this time, scientists created a new substance called “stearine” by extracting glycerine from tallow. Stearine was harder than tallow and burned brighter and longer.

During this time, innovations with wicks also led to even better candles. Instead of simply twisting strands of cotton, new wicks were plaited tightly so that the burned portions would curl upon themselves instead of falling into the candle as it burned. This eliminated the need to trim or clean wicks as a candle burned.

Additional candle developments like the addition of lime, palmatine and paraffin to mixtures further developed the commercial candle business. Many of these innovations are still used in candle making today, though the processes have been streamlined with the use of professional equipment and tools. Large-scale melters, cookers, and bowls for lifting and pouring all make mass candle-making faster and easier than ever.

For more than 100 years, the experts at Savage Bros. have been developing and refining professional candle-making equipment. From extruders, thermometers, cutters, mixers and more, we are the company to call for all of your candle-making equipment needs. Contact us today to learn how our products can help make your candle-making processes easier and more efficient than ever.

Makeup: A Turbulent History

For more than 6,000 years, civilizations around the world have been using makeup. In addition to the traditional purpose of enhancing beauty, makeup has also been a major component in many religions, a form of personal and gender identity, and even a perceived deterrent for diseases and bad fortune.

Makeup - An Amazing History

History of Makeup

Toxic Beginnings
No matter what the purpose for using makeup, it has undergone a turbulent history or acceptance and rejection. The first archeological evidence of makeup use was in ancient Egypt, when women would outline their eyes with kohl and use the (highly toxic) combination of iodine and bromine to color their lips. During this time, the makeup not only served as tools of beauty, but also helped protect the women’s eyes from the sun and was believed to ward off evil spirits.

Social Status

During the European Middle Ages, pale skin was a sign of wealth and high social status in many areas of the world and some people took drastic measures to achieve their desired look. The use of white lead and mercury were particularly common, even after the dangers of these substances were widely known. In some extreme cases, some women actually took to bleeding themselves to achieve a paler complexion.

“Devil’s Work”

As time went on, the ‘reputation’ of those who used makeup changed drastically. “Face painting” was declared to be “the devil’s work” starting in the 1650s and in 1770, the British Parliament actually passed a law condemning lipstick, stating that women who were ‘guilty’ of wearing it to seduce men into marriage could be tried for witchcraft. This negative connotation with wearing makeup continued well into the 1800s.

Hollywood Influence

The next stage of makeup’s evolution began in the early 1900s, when the stigma of “face painting” was fading and women were beginning to openly use and purchase cosmetics. The popularity of silent films of Hollywood further propelled the common use of makeup back into popularity and its widespread acceptance continued to grow throughout the first half of the century.

Popular & Available

Makeup began to lose favor with many women during the 1960s and 1970s in the western world as the influence of feminism grew. In today’s world, makeup has once again become commonplace in most societies. There are thousands of different types of cosmetics available in a wide variety of styles and types. No matter what type of ‘look’ you’re trying to achieve, there’s countless makeup tools to help you!

With the popularity of makeup only continuing to rise, do you have the right tools to keep up with today’s customer demand? For more than 150 years, Savage Bros. has been the premier manufacturer of makeup making equipment and supplies. From cosmetic melters and conditioners to artisan cosmetic baking machinery and everything in between, Savage Bros. is the go-to Illinois cosmetic equipment supplier. Call us today to find out more about our expansive product offerings and how our supplies can help your makeup business thrive!


The Sweet Spot: Growing Confectionery Trends

Savage Bros has been manufacturing confectionery equipment for over 150 years and has seen trends in candy making that range from the growing popularity of chewing gum to peanut butter candies to the fruit-infused candies of today.

Chocolate Trends


In recent years, we have seen food manufacturers push the boundaries when it comes to their latest creations.  From savory candies to elaborate packaging and everything in between, candy makers are appealing to the public on an entirely new level.

As health initiatives are pushed, consumers are looking towards “healthier” alternatives when it comes to even their candies.  This has led to a push for creation of “better-for-you” candies.  Manufacturers are using healthier ingredients, infusing fruit flavors, adding protein, chia seeds, and whole pieces of fruit.  Updated candy making equipment allows candy makers to accommodate nearly any taste.

Another growing trend you may have noticed this part year is the move toward dessert-inspired candy.  Particularly popular are chocolates with the taste of intricate cakes from red velvet to cheesecake to birthday cake.  Confectionery equipment infuses the flavors of your favorite desserts into a bite sized piece of chocolate that can be enjoyed virtually guilt-free.

A trend that is expected to continue growing in popularity is candies and chocolates aimed at enjoying at a specific time of day or with a particular meal.  Candy is traditionally thought of as a snack or a treat that can be enjoyed at any time of day but researchers are seeing a movement towards products targeted to be enjoyed at traditional meal times.

Are You Ready to Tackle This Season’s Trends in Wedding Cakes?

With wedding season right around the corner, bakers everywhere are gearing up for the onslaught of orders for custom cake creations. And just like the weddings themselves, the trends in cakes are ever changing. So what should you be ready for in the upcoming season? Here, Savage Bros, the premier manufacturer of baking and confectionary equipment for 150 years, makes a list of what’s trending now.

  • Wedding Cake Season - Savage Bros.

    Wedding Cake Season

  • “Naked” Cakes
    • Don’t be surprised to see many cakes without frosting or fondant. Brides looking for a more low-key look for their cake are keeping it simple. Layers of cake are connected by thin buttercream and topped with flowers or fruit.


  • Geometrics
    • Perfectly cut pieces of fondant and precise decorating are key elements for geometric cakes. Mix up colors, shapes and sizes for to a truly jaw-dropping creation.


  • Hand-Painted
    • Don’t be afraid to get creative and break out the brushes! Many brides are looking for the beauty and unique color that hand-painted floral designs can deliver.


  • Monograms & Type
    • Make it personal by adding monogrammed letters or poems, verses or other type to a cake in different styles and colors.


  • Metallic Accents
    • The metallic colored tend has taken a new, more demure turn. Pare down the drama by limiting metallic to accents and brushed-on details for a more sophisticated look.


Do you have the equipment to keep up with these ever-evolving trends? Make sure you have the latest in bakery icing and fondant processing, lifting and pouring bowls, and everything else you need to make sure your wedding cakes are ready for their ‘big days’! Call Savage Bros today and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have or to help you select the perfect equipment to meet your unique needs.

4 Reasons Why Candles Are Flying Off the Shelves

The candle market has taken off.  What was once used for emergencies or lighting is now used for many reasons.

Now is a great time to get into the candle industry. People are buying them for all times of the year and for any occasion. Candle equipment retailer, Savage Bros, have noticed this increase.  There are several reasons for the jump in popularity.

CandlesRelaxation- Candles are a great way for people to relax.  More and more people are using candles to help wind down at the end of the day.

Set the Mood- People are using candles for special occasions to set the mood and to create a certain ambiance. They are great for romantic and whimsical evenings or even a chic soiree.

Scent- Many people are using candles to make their room smell a certain way.  They often buy candles according to the season.  For instance, warm vanillas are great for the fall and winter while flowery scents are perfect for spring and summer.

Gifts- Candles have become a great gift item for friends and family members.  They are particularly nice for a house warming present.  Many people enjoy drowning the residual paint odor with a nice candle.

Candles are being used for many reasons today.  As their popularity grows, so will sales.  Savage Bros has the equipment you need to kick start your candle business. We have a wide variety of tools that you will need to keep up with the demand.  Call or visit our website for more information!