The Sweet Spot: Growing Confectionery Trends

Savage Bros has been manufacturing confectionery equipment for over 150 years and has seen trends in candy making that range from the growing popularity of chewing gum to peanut butter candies to the fruit-infused candies of today.

Chocolate Trends


In recent years, we have seen food manufacturers push the boundaries when it comes to their latest creations.  From savory candies to elaborate packaging and everything in between, candy makers are appealing to the public on an entirely new level.

As health initiatives are pushed, consumers are looking towards “healthier” alternatives when it comes to even their candies.  This has led to a push for creation of “better-for-you” candies.  Manufacturers are using healthier ingredients, infusing fruit flavors, adding protein, chia seeds, and whole pieces of fruit.  Updated candy making equipment allows candy makers to accommodate nearly any taste.

Another growing trend you may have noticed this part year is the move toward dessert-inspired candy.  Particularly popular are chocolates with the taste of intricate cakes from red velvet to cheesecake to birthday cake.  Confectionery equipment infuses the flavors of your favorite desserts into a bite sized piece of chocolate that can be enjoyed virtually guilt-free.

A trend that is expected to continue growing in popularity is candies and chocolates aimed at enjoying at a specific time of day or with a particular meal.  Candy is traditionally thought of as a snack or a treat that can be enjoyed at any time of day but researchers are seeing a movement towards products targeted to be enjoyed at traditional meal times.