Demo Our Equipment Before You Buy It

At Savage Bros. we are always looking for ways to make our business more customer-friendly. We have been in the new and used machinery industry for decades and throughout the years have adjusted our practices to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied when it comes to their purchase.  One of the more appreciated services we offer is the chance to demo your machinery before you buy it. Much like taking a car for a test drive to make sure the transmission and engine are in running order, we allow you to demo candy making equipment, confectionary machinery, gas stoves, and a variety of cookers. If we have it set up – you can try it out!

Here is a quick list of the products we offer:

  • Electric Stoves, Cookers, and Cooker-Mixers
  • Gas Stoves, Cookers. and Cooker-Mixers
  • Candy Kettle Mixers
  • Chocolate Melting and Chocolate Tempering
  • Chocolate and Icing Depositors and Pumps
  • Icing and Fondant Melter

We are your #1 choice in Chicagoland for confectionary equipment and will do whatever it takes to prove it. We always have a variety of equipment available for demo and will gladly set up machinery for you as well. For more information or to schedule a demo, call us today at (847) 305-2980.