The Sweet Spot: Growing Confectionery Trends

Savage Bros has been manufacturing confectionery equipment for over 150 years and has seen trends in candy making that range from the growing popularity of chewing gum to peanut butter candies to the fruit-infused candies of today.

Chocolate Trends


In recent years, we have seen food manufacturers push the boundaries when it comes to their latest creations.  From savory candies to elaborate packaging and everything in between, candy makers are appealing to the public on an entirely new level.

As health initiatives are pushed, consumers are looking towards “healthier” alternatives when it comes to even their candies.  This has led to a push for creation of “better-for-you” candies.  Manufacturers are using healthier ingredients, infusing fruit flavors, adding protein, chia seeds, and whole pieces of fruit.  Updated candy making equipment allows candy makers to accommodate nearly any taste.

Another growing trend you may have noticed this part year is the move toward dessert-inspired candy.  Particularly popular are chocolates with the taste of intricate cakes from red velvet to cheesecake to birthday cake.  Confectionery equipment infuses the flavors of your favorite desserts into a bite sized piece of chocolate that can be enjoyed virtually guilt-free.

A trend that is expected to continue growing in popularity is candies and chocolates aimed at enjoying at a specific time of day or with a particular meal.  Candy is traditionally thought of as a snack or a treat that can be enjoyed at any time of day but researchers are seeing a movement towards products targeted to be enjoyed at traditional meal times.

Are You Ready to Tackle This Season’s Trends in Wedding Cakes?

With wedding season right around the corner, bakers everywhere are gearing up for the onslaught of orders for custom cake creations. And just like the weddings themselves, the trends in cakes are ever changing. So what should you be ready for in the upcoming season? Here, Savage Bros, the premier manufacturer of baking and confectionary equipment for 150 years, makes a list of what’s trending now.

  • Wedding Cake Season - Savage Bros.

    Wedding Cake Season

  • “Naked” Cakes
    • Don’t be surprised to see many cakes without frosting or fondant. Brides looking for a more low-key look for their cake are keeping it simple. Layers of cake are connected by thin buttercream and topped with flowers or fruit.


  • Geometrics
    • Perfectly cut pieces of fondant and precise decorating are key elements for geometric cakes. Mix up colors, shapes and sizes for to a truly jaw-dropping creation.


  • Hand-Painted
    • Don’t be afraid to get creative and break out the brushes! Many brides are looking for the beauty and unique color that hand-painted floral designs can deliver.


  • Monograms & Type
    • Make it personal by adding monogrammed letters or poems, verses or other type to a cake in different styles and colors.


  • Metallic Accents
    • The metallic colored tend has taken a new, more demure turn. Pare down the drama by limiting metallic to accents and brushed-on details for a more sophisticated look.


Do you have the equipment to keep up with these ever-evolving trends? Make sure you have the latest in bakery icing and fondant processing, lifting and pouring bowls, and everything else you need to make sure your wedding cakes are ready for their ‘big days’! Call Savage Bros today and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have or to help you select the perfect equipment to meet your unique needs.

Eat More Dark Chocolate—It’s For Your Health!

Chocolate lovers have reasons to celebrate! As more and more scientific research proves, eating dark chocolate has a number of great health benefits. It’s hard to believe that something that tastes so good could also be good for you, but it’s true! Here, the experts at Savage Bros break down a list of 4 great reasons to satisfy your sweet tooth with dark chocolate.


Dark Chocolate

  1. It’s Packed With Nutrients

A 100 gram bar of dark chocolate (with 70-85% cocoa) contains 11 grams of fiber, 67% of your daily amount of Iron, 58% of your daily amount of Magnesium and 89% and 98% of your Copper and Manganese daily amounts, respectively. On top of all that, dark chocolate is also packed with cell protecting antioxidants.

  1. It Can Help Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

The flavonols in dark chocolate are bioactive compounds can protect against sun-induced damage, improve blood flow to the skin and increase skin density and hydration. Be sure and load up on dark chocolate before your next trip to the beach!

  1. It Helps Lower the Risk for Heart Problems

Dark chocolate can improve several important risk factors for heart disease. In a controlled trial, cocoa powder was found to significantly decrease oxidized LDL cholesterol (aka bad cholesterol). Dark chocolate can also reduce insulin resistance, which is another common risk factor for many ailments like heart disease and diabetes.

  1. It Can Help Improve Brain Function

Certain studies have found that healthy people who consumed high-flavanol cocoa experienced improved blood flow to the brain. In studies with elderly people, cocoa may also significantly improve cognitive function and verbal fluency and several other risk factors for mental impairment and disease.

With so many positive reasons to be eating dark chocolate, there’s no reason not to indulge! For all of your candy-making needs, trust the experts at Savage Bros.! For more than 150 years, Savage Bros. has continuously manufactured candy and chocolate making equipment that is recognized worldwide for its quality and reliability. Let our pouring bowls, chocolate melters, packers and more help you streamline your chocolate-making business. Call us today to learn more!