High-quality Chocolate Manufacturing Machinery

When you do business with Savage Bros., you’re working with an industry veteran who has continuously manufactured confectionary machinery for over 150 years. Our chocolate manufacturing machinery is state-of-the-art, appealing to world-class chocolatiers and restaurant chefs alike!

Since the 1860s, Savage has produced chocolate processing equipment that goes above and beyond the industry’s highest grade. Whether you’re looking for small batch (retail) confectionary equipment or large batch (wholesale) machinery, Savage can help you fill your demand. We have hundreds of models designed for each unique step in the chocolate-making process and we pride ourselves on our twenty-first century approach to the deeply traditional art of chocolate.

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Essential Baking Equipment: Industrial-Sized

Baking machinery doesn’t change when you move from your home kitchen to a bakery, it just becomes larger. Now instead of baking for family and friends, you are baking for the entire neighborhood. When buying baking equipment for your start-up bakery, keep these essentials in mind:

  • Lifting and Pouring Bowls & Containers

Instead of your hands, you must now rely on lifting assistance from machinery because your batter now weighs hundreds of pounds.

  • Cooling Tables

Aluminum foil doesn’t cut it anymore. You need your cookies to cool quickly so you can serve the enormous crowd behind your bakery counter.

  • Pie Filling Shell Depositor

Baking a pie is a thing of the past. Baking a few dozen is what you will have to do to keep up with the demand. This depositing pump can suck the pie filling directly from a mixing bowl for precision, accuracy and efficiency.

  • Icing Tanks

Make large batches of icing or fondant to allow you to have the product when you need it, still warm and fresh.

For all of your essential baking equipment needs for your new shop, keep Savage Bros. Co. in mind. Since 1855, we have supplied baking machinery to bakers throughout the Midwest and beyond.

Browse Before you Buy at the RCI Expo

Candy, chocolate and confections galore will line the conference rooms of the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, June 12 – 13, 2012. Savage Bros. Co. will be exhibiting at the 92nd Annual RCI (Retail Confectioners International) Convention & Industry Expo at Booth #60/61/62. Last year, more than 500 professionals joined in on the candy-coated fun, and this year is expected to be even bigger! Join them at the “Chocolate Gold Rush.”

Special demos are on the schedule at the Savage Bros. Co. booth. We will be introducing the NEW re-engineered WC Smith Enrober and Cooling Tunnel. Stop by our booth to check out our candy and chocolate making equipment to see which piece works best for your recipes. Savage Bros. Co. has been in business since 1855, and has made quality chocolate making equipment in the Chicago area every day since.

RCI is a not-for-profit trade association founded in Chicago in 1917. Prominent manufacturing retailers of quality boxed chocolate and other confectionary products make up their international membership. Savage Bros. Co. is proud to participate at the convention and exposition that will showcase candy making equipment, products and packaging. Participants can go to educational forums with the opportunity to network with other candy makers.

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Icing & Fondant Melters and Warmers

In the bakery, melting chocolate, icing and fondant is a daily task. Make it easier on yourself by having melting equipment that is compatible with all three baking materials. Savage Bros. Co. manufactures a chocolate melter configured for bakery icings and fondants. This melting equipment is a powerhouse bakery machine. It’s capable of becoming an icing melter because of the higher wattage heaters with higher upper temperature limits, unlike most chocolate melters. Other fondant melters can’t reach the high temperatures to make it pliable in a time efficient manner. Look no further for icing warmers because it will be difficult to match Savage Bros. Co. versatility and compatibility.

The melter/warmer is made completely of stainless steel. The bottom drive agitator allows for full top access and at 12 RPMs, variable speed is available as an option. With water-friendly operator controls the fondant warmer is easily cleaned. Wash-down heavy duty transmission and a drive motor also assist in the cleaning process. The entire melting and warming process is simple with Savage Bros. Co. icing and fondant melters and warmers.

Our History

Phillip Savage immigrated to the United States in 1833. He and his wife had two sons, Richard and Edward. In 1855, the young men founded the Savage Brothers Company. They committed themselves and succeeding generations to design and manufacture the finest machinery for the candy-maker.

Beginning with wood burning and coal fired candy stoves to today’s efficient gas and electric models, the Savage family owned and operated the company until 1976, when its last generation did not produce any children to carry on. When the final Savage was well into her seventies, she passed the company to the present ownership group.

In 2005 we proudly celebrated the 150th anniversary of continuous service! Today’s Savage Bros. Co. remains true to the commitment made by the brothers over 150 years ago. We listen to and work with our customers to build equipment that will help them improve productivity and make better confections.

The image shown above is from a Savage machinery catalog published shortly after the start of the 20th century, depicting the Chicago factory used for nearly 100 years.