Bake Your Way to Love!

baking equipment“The journey to the heart is through the stomach,” or so they say. With January winding down and February right around the corner, it’s important to think ahead to show your loved ones you care. As a leading provider and manufacturer of high-quality confectionary and baking equipment for over 150 years, Savage Bros. knows a bit about the perfect sweets to melt the heart of your beloved. Check out the list of our top three favorite sweets to give to your partner this Valentine’s Day.


Pink Champagne Truffles – Don’t settle for that that drugstore-quality box of chocolates; opt for something that truly stands out in terms of flavor, look, and color. Bite-sized truffles are all the rage and these white chocolate truffles infused with pink champagne are the perfect light-hearted treat for V-day. For an optimal taste, top them with confectioner’s sugar and use a bit of strawberry or raspberry gelatin to give them a touch of fruitiness.

confectionery equipment

Chocolate-Dipped Fortune Cookies – Whether you have pre-made fortune cookies or
wish to make your own, giving a custom message through food has always been a favorite of lovers around the world. Once you have your fortune cookies, use tweezers to partially dip them in melted chocolate and top them off with a few heart-shaped sprinkles. Once cooled, insert your love note and watch as your partner’s eyes light up!


Neapolitan Cupcakes – For the chocolate cake lover in your life, consider making Neapolitan cupcakes. Bake high-quality chocolate cupcakes and top them with homemade vanilla and strawberry frosting. For extra style points, add some heart-shaped sprinkles on top or those classic little candy hearts.


Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Prep your bakery or candy store for the holiday rush by upgrading your equipment with Savage Bros. Call us to learn more about the wide selection of baking equipment we offer or fill out our online form for more information.

Essential Baking Equipment: Industrial-Sized

Baking machinery doesn’t change when you move from your home kitchen to a bakery, it just becomes larger. Now instead of baking for family and friends, you are baking for the entire neighborhood. When buying baking equipment for your start-up bakery, keep these essentials in mind:

  • Lifting and Pouring Bowls & Containers

Instead of your hands, you must now rely on lifting assistance from machinery because your batter now weighs hundreds of pounds.

  • Cooling Tables

Aluminum foil doesn’t cut it anymore. You need your cookies to cool quickly so you can serve the enormous crowd behind your bakery counter.

  • Pie Filling Shell Depositor

Baking a pie is a thing of the past. Baking a few dozen is what you will have to do to keep up with the demand. This depositing pump can suck the pie filling directly from a mixing bowl for precision, accuracy and efficiency.

  • Icing Tanks

Make large batches of icing or fondant to allow you to have the product when you need it, still warm and fresh.

For all of your essential baking equipment needs for your new shop, keep Savage Bros. Co. in mind. Since 1855, we have supplied baking machinery to bakers throughout the Midwest and beyond.