Icing & Fondant Melters and Warmers

In the bakery, melting chocolate, icing and fondant is a daily task. Make it easier on yourself by having melting equipment that is compatible with all three baking materials. Savage Bros. Co. manufactures a chocolate melter configured for bakery icings and fondants. This melting equipment is a powerhouse bakery machine. It’s capable of becoming an icing melter because of the higher wattage heaters with higher upper temperature limits, unlike most chocolate melters. Other fondant melters can’t reach the high temperatures to make it pliable in a time efficient manner. Look no further for icing warmers because it will be difficult to match Savage Bros. Co. versatility and compatibility.

The melter/warmer is made completely of stainless steel. The bottom drive agitator allows for full top access and at 12 RPMs, variable speed is available as an option. With water-friendly operator controls the fondant warmer is easily cleaned. Wash-down heavy duty transmission and a drive motor also assist in the cleaning process. The entire melting and warming process is simple with Savage Bros. Co. icing and fondant melters and warmers.