Wedding Fever

As we are nearing the beginning of wedding season, bakeries are preparing for the flood of wedding cake orders they will receive.  Creating one of these masterpieces is no easy task.  They bake hundreds of cakes and utilize their icing and fondant melters to build a crucial piece of the wedding ceremony.

There are a variety of styles wedding cakes are made in from tradition white cakes to extravagant, multi-tiered cakes to decorations specific to the couple’s interests.  Fondant is revolutionary for this industry and allows bakers to easily design these elaborate wedding cakes.  The fondant offers a clean, manicured look for the cake.  It is flexible and easy to shape into beautiful flowers and other accents on the cake.

A bride and groom’s wedding cake is designed to signify one of the most important events of their life.  It is a symbol of the couple’s love, trust and commitment to one another, and becomes especially important for the cake cutting ceremony.  This ceremony in which the couple feeds each other the cake is the first thing the couple does together to celebrate their union.  Whether your wedding cake is elaborately designed or sweet and simple, ensure that it is the symbol of your union you’ve always imagined.