Confectionery Trends of 2013

What is your favorite confectionery treat?  From truffles to fudge, several different types of candy probably come to mind when that question is asked.  There are a few new trends this year being seen in the confectionery industry, which includes chocolate and candy and gum.  For over 150 Savage Bros. has been creating the machinery that creates all of your favorite treats, including many of these new flavors and trends.

One of the largest trends that has been seen this past year in candy is that consumers can’t get enough of spicy flavors in their candy.  Flavors including chipotle, Tabasco sauce and jalapeño are becoming more and more popular.

Another popular trend that has not only been seen this past year but over the past couple of years is that of bite-sized pieces.  Perfect for a small cheat during your diet or when you just can’t do without your favorite candy, a large variety of candy’s arrived on the market this year.

Consumers are also eating up old favorites that are being reintroduced with a new twist.  Creativity is abounding in the confectionery industry this year.  Interesting flavors continually hit the market including pear and cinnamon, pickle popcorn and even organic candy. So at Savage Bros, we are sure to stay up with trends and satisfy all your candy making equipment needs.

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