Bake Your Way to Love!

baking equipment“The journey to the heart is through the stomach,” or so they say. With January winding down and February right around the corner, it’s important to think ahead to show your loved ones you care. As a leading provider and manufacturer of high-quality confectionary and baking equipment for over 150 years, Savage Bros. knows a bit about the perfect sweets to melt the heart of your beloved. Check out the list of our top three favorite sweets to give to your partner this Valentine’s Day.


Pink Champagne Truffles – Don’t settle for that that drugstore-quality box of chocolates; opt for something that truly stands out in terms of flavor, look, and color. Bite-sized truffles are all the rage and these white chocolate truffles infused with pink champagne are the perfect light-hearted treat for V-day. For an optimal taste, top them with confectioner’s sugar and use a bit of strawberry or raspberry gelatin to give them a touch of fruitiness.

confectionery equipment

Chocolate-Dipped Fortune Cookies – Whether you have pre-made fortune cookies or
wish to make your own, giving a custom message through food has always been a favorite of lovers around the world. Once you have your fortune cookies, use tweezers to partially dip them in melted chocolate and top them off with a few heart-shaped sprinkles. Once cooled, insert your love note and watch as your partner’s eyes light up!


Neapolitan Cupcakes – For the chocolate cake lover in your life, consider making Neapolitan cupcakes. Bake high-quality chocolate cupcakes and top them with homemade vanilla and strawberry frosting. For extra style points, add some heart-shaped sprinkles on top or those classic little candy hearts.


Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Prep your bakery or candy store for the holiday rush by upgrading your equipment with Savage Bros. Call us to learn more about the wide selection of baking equipment we offer or fill out our online form for more information.

Perfect Your Chocolate with Our Roller Cutters, Sizers and Levelers

Has finding the proper thickness of your chocolate been a struggle for you? How about cutting your batch into equal pieces? If so, order our state-of-the-art roller cutters, sizers and levelers today. Crafted with stainless steel shafts and easy-to-grip revolving handles, they’ll effectively roll out and slice your chocolate to the perfect size and thickness.

Cholocate Rollers, Cutters, and Sizers

Rollers, Cutters, Sizers

Roller Cutters: Featuring interchangeable food-grade Lexan spacers, stainless steel circular knives with beveled edges and revolving handles, our roller cutter makes every cut the right cut. Handles can be easily disconnected so you can rearrange the blades and spacers to suit the requirements of your batch. We carry a twelve-knife model, a fifteen-knife model, and a twenty-knife model. Each comes with a ¾”, ½” and 1/8” spacer.

Sizers: This weighted rolling pin spreads and compresses your chocolate slab to your desired thickness. End wheels can be added to raise the drum off the cooling table if you desire a thicker batch of chocolate. Our drum sizer spans the width of a cooling table and will smoothly flatten your chocolate until it is exactly how you want it.

Levelers: Essentially a vertical plow, this tool is used to spread your candy slab. By simply pushing it into your mound of chocolate, it will level it out so the surface is nice and smooth. The height of the leveler is easy to adjust, featuring threaded posts that make it easy to raise up or lower down. It spans the width of the cooling table, so you can effectively level as much chocolate that fits across.

Make the confectionary making process more efficient with our fine roller cutters, sizers and levelers. For more information on these cutting-edge products, give us a call at (800) 342-0973 or fill out our online form for more information!

Creating Quality Candies with the Right Equipment

With the holidays right around the corner, there is nothing sweeter than candies to tickle the tongue. From peppermint bark to chocolate truffles, mint chocolate fudge to caramel marshmallow treats, sweet candies often are a staple sign of the holidays. These sweets are often given as gifts and for guests, exemplifying the holiday spirit and joy. Help families make the most of the holidays by crafting the candies and treats that are so often loved this season.

Christmas Chocolate and Candy

Christmas Chocolate

For your bakery or candy shop, be sure you can meet the demands this year by purchasing the most efficient, cost-effective, high-quality, and reliable candy making and baking equipment from Savage Bros. Our baking and food processing equipment has pioneered the candy industry for over 150 years, giving both small and large businesses alike the means to craft high quality candies and sweets.


We offer a wide selection of candy equipment to satisfy all parts of the baking process. From icing and fondant tanks to chocolate processors and even packaging equipment, we do it all. If your business is in need of high-quality equipment capable of making your production line even more efficient, contact the professionals at Savage Bros. today! Call us toll-free or fill out our online form for more information!

The History of Chocolate- The Short and Sweet Version

Can you imagine chocolate as anything but delicious? Believe it or not, the decadent, irresistible treat wasn’t much of a treat at all for most of its 4,000-year existence. In fact, it wasn’t even in bar or chip form; it was liquid. Produced by pre-Olmec cultures living in present-day Mexico, chocolate was originally a bitter, frothy beverage that was used for ritual, medicinal and hedonistic purposes.

History of Chocolate - Savage Bros.

Chocolate in History

The Concoction

Before getting into the rich history of this widely-loved food, it’s important to get a surface-level understanding of how it was made. The ancient Mesoamerican cultures would cultivate the native cacao plants found in nearby tropical rainforests and ferment, roast and ground the beans into a paste. They would then mix it with water, vanilla, honey, chili peppers and other spices to create a smooth and creamy beverage. Many believe its origin and bitter taste is how chocolate got its name because the Aztec word “xocoatl” refers to a bitter drink brewed from cacao beans.

The Bitter Beginning

In its earliest days, Olmec, Mayan and Aztec civilizations found chocolate to be an invigorating drink with magical and divine properties. They would use the liquid as an aphrodisiac and mood enhancer, sometimes giving it to sacrifice victims to comfort them before their death. It was also incorporated in a number of rituals, including births, marriages and funerals.

Unfortunately for the Aztecs, cacao beans didn’t grow in the dry highlands they inhabited, so they would often trade with the Mayans to obtain them. It’s believed that their emperor, Montezuma, drank three gallons of chocolate every day to increase his libido. It’s even believed that he offered it to Hernando Cortes when he mistook him for a reincarnated deity instead of the violent, ruthless conqueror he was.

European Adoption

Regardless of whether the tale between Montezuma and Cortes is true, it is proven that some Spanish explorers did, in fact, consume chocolate given to them by the Aztecs. One even described the concoction as “a bitter drink for pigs” in one of his diary entries. Despite his disdain for it, the Spaniards began to mix the beverage with cinnamon, honey and cane sugar, resulting in rapid adoption throughout Spain. However, chocolate only touched the lips of the royal and wealthy as they were the only ones who could afford the expensive import.

Spain kept this delicious treat a secret for as long as they could, but like all things delicious, it was eventually discovered by foreign tongues. In 1615, when King Phillip III of Spain’s daughter was sent off to France to marry King Louis XIII, she introduced chocolate to the country’s most rich and powerful. It soon became so widely-consumed across all of Europe that the wealthy began to establish colonial plantations in equatorial regions to grow cacao and sugar. Once the steam engine was invented in the late 1700s, mass production of chocolate made it a delicacy that was affordable for all.

The Solidification

To this point, chocolate was still liquid. It wasn’t until 1828 when a Dutch chemist named Coenraad Johannes van Houten discovered a way to make it powdered by removing half of the natural fat (known as cacao butter). He would then take the remnants and pound it into a fine powder (called Dutch cocoa) that could be mixed with liquids and other ingredients. This was all done using his cocoa press, which then allowed him to pour liquid solution into molds and solidify it into edible chocolate.

However, it wasn’t until 20 years later that the first chocolate bar was produce by Joseph Fry. By adding the melted cacao butter back into Dutch cocoa, Fry made a moldable chocolate paste that could be conformed and solidified. Another 20 years later, Cadburry began producing boxes of chocolate candies throughout England. Shortly after, Nestle pioneered milk chocolate, thus starting the mass commercialization of the savory treat.

Present Day

Nowadays, chocolate is loved worldwide by people of all various statuses and cultures. It is incorporated in various types of treats – from chocolate covered strawberries to chocolate chip muffins. It is given as a gift on minor and major holidays alike – Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day to name a few. Now, it’s a global phenomenon with a worldwide total of $75 billion spent on it annually.

Because of this high demand, the chocolate producing industry has grown so large that about 50 million people depend on it for their livelihoods. The hardworking folks at Savage Bros are among these people, producing state-of-the-art chocolate melting, processing, packaging and cutting equipment for the confectioners of the world. Our chocolate enrobers are among some of the most quality in the industry, allowing candy makers to mass produce chocolate to satisfy the tastes of people around the world.

If you’re a confectioner and are looking for state-of-the-art confectionery equipment, contact Savage Bros today. Call us at (800) 342-0973 or fill out our online contact form to learn more about our products!

8 Insane Uses for Chocolate You Didn’t Know About

Everything in moderation, right? While many people jump to the conclusion that chocolate is bad for you, it’s time to take a closer look. In honor of International Chocolate Day (Sept. 13th) fast approaching, here are 8 actual uses for chocolate that are going to make your life a whole lot better…

Savage Bros - Chocolate

Insane Uses for Chocolate

  1. Currency: All right, this one might be a little outdated. But before cold, hard cash hopefully flooded your pockets, cocoa beans were actually used as a form of currency by the Mayans and Aztecs long ago!
  2. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: The polyphenol in dark chocolate has been known to be a great dietary supplement that improves coronary circulation and even lowers blood pressure. That increased circulation also goes to your brain, which makes you more alert and a more effective thinker.
  3. Coating—wait for it—Bacon! We’re actually not sure how good this tastes, but it has been done before. Also, it’s bacon, so you can’t complain.
  4. Fighting Tooth Decay: What? This might sound crazy, but an extract of cocoa has actually been found to be more effective than fluoride in teeth health. Plus, it tastes good!
  5. Fuel? Luckily, E. coli’s sweet tooth might make these bacteria useful. When the bacterium ingests chocolate, they produce hydrogen that can be used as a clean source of power.
  6. Perfume: Before you pass up that eau de chocolat, just remember that hardly anything smells sweeter than chocolate!
  7. Clothing: So chic…or choc? Le Salon du Chocolat hosts worldwide fashion shows that feature exceptionally sweet chocolate dresses from the finest chocolatiers all around the world.
  8. A Giant Chocolate Slip-N-Slide: Yes, you read that correctly. You’ll need about 50 gallons of chocolate syrup, 200 yards of plastic sheeting, and an old bathing suit to pull this off. Grab a group of friends and dive in for some slippery, sweet fun!

Whether you thought that was educational or ridiculous, chocolate is definitely more multifunctional than we thought. For confectionary equipment or other baking equipment, contact our professionals at Savage Bros. Let our chocolate and candy making equipment satisfy your sweet tooth today!

3 Reasons Why Our Redesigned Chocolate Enrober Makes Life Sweeter

What does every confectioner look for in their chocolate making equipment? Easy maintenance, reliability, efficiency and affordability are all terms that come to mind. This candy making equipment has become necessary in this day and age, saving bakers and candy makers time and energy by coating mass amounts of sweets in melted chocolate. However, not all food and bakery equipment is created equal; some machines can handle jobs much more capably than others. Here are five reasons why adding our redesigned W.C. Smith Chocolate Enrober to your confectionery supply will make life sweeter.

Candy Making Machine - Chocolate Enrober

Chocolate Enrober Candy Making Machine

  • It’s Easy to Clean – With all stainless steel construction, our enrober is completely resistant to tarnishing and rust. Its heated, water-jacketed chocolate reservoir, with agitator, makes for an effortless clean, causing the leftover chocolate goo to easily slide off. On top of that, its roll-out casters make for simple cleaning and changeover.
  • It’s Equipped With State-of-the-Art Technology – Featuring a PLC Touch Screen control panel, our enrober enables you to control all individual functions in one interface. In addition, its optical-level sensor simplifies controlling incoming chocolate flow from the external source tank.
  • It’s Efficient – Our chocolate melter comes with a two-curtain chocolate flow pan, allowing you to coat rows of sweets in melted chocolate. After that, the products are dried off by the variable speed blower, shaken by the variable speed shaker and finished by the variable speed detailer. With this equipment, you’re able to increase production quickly and efficiently.

To take your business to the next level, increase production without sacrificing integrity by adding our chocolate enrober to your candy making equipment supply. Its durability, easy upkeep, coherence and cutting-edge design make it a must-have in any confectioner’s supply. If you’re interested in learning more about the W.C. Smith Chocolate Enrober or want information on our product offerings, call Savage Bros today or fill out our online contact form!

The Sweet Spot: Growing Confectionery Trends

Savage Bros has been manufacturing confectionery equipment for over 150 years and has seen trends in candy making that range from the growing popularity of chewing gum to peanut butter candies to the fruit-infused candies of today.

Chocolate Trends


In recent years, we have seen food manufacturers push the boundaries when it comes to their latest creations.  From savory candies to elaborate packaging and everything in between, candy makers are appealing to the public on an entirely new level.

As health initiatives are pushed, consumers are looking towards “healthier” alternatives when it comes to even their candies.  This has led to a push for creation of “better-for-you” candies.  Manufacturers are using healthier ingredients, infusing fruit flavors, adding protein, chia seeds, and whole pieces of fruit.  Updated candy making equipment allows candy makers to accommodate nearly any taste.

Another growing trend you may have noticed this part year is the move toward dessert-inspired candy.  Particularly popular are chocolates with the taste of intricate cakes from red velvet to cheesecake to birthday cake.  Confectionery equipment infuses the flavors of your favorite desserts into a bite sized piece of chocolate that can be enjoyed virtually guilt-free.

A trend that is expected to continue growing in popularity is candies and chocolates aimed at enjoying at a specific time of day or with a particular meal.  Candy is traditionally thought of as a snack or a treat that can be enjoyed at any time of day but researchers are seeing a movement towards products targeted to be enjoyed at traditional meal times.

Eat More Dark Chocolate—It’s For Your Health!

Chocolate lovers have reasons to celebrate! As more and more scientific research proves, eating dark chocolate has a number of great health benefits. It’s hard to believe that something that tastes so good could also be good for you, but it’s true! Here, the experts at Savage Bros break down a list of 4 great reasons to satisfy your sweet tooth with dark chocolate.


Dark Chocolate

  1. It’s Packed With Nutrients

A 100 gram bar of dark chocolate (with 70-85% cocoa) contains 11 grams of fiber, 67% of your daily amount of Iron, 58% of your daily amount of Magnesium and 89% and 98% of your Copper and Manganese daily amounts, respectively. On top of all that, dark chocolate is also packed with cell protecting antioxidants.

  1. It Can Help Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

The flavonols in dark chocolate are bioactive compounds can protect against sun-induced damage, improve blood flow to the skin and increase skin density and hydration. Be sure and load up on dark chocolate before your next trip to the beach!

  1. It Helps Lower the Risk for Heart Problems

Dark chocolate can improve several important risk factors for heart disease. In a controlled trial, cocoa powder was found to significantly decrease oxidized LDL cholesterol (aka bad cholesterol). Dark chocolate can also reduce insulin resistance, which is another common risk factor for many ailments like heart disease and diabetes.

  1. It Can Help Improve Brain Function

Certain studies have found that healthy people who consumed high-flavanol cocoa experienced improved blood flow to the brain. In studies with elderly people, cocoa may also significantly improve cognitive function and verbal fluency and several other risk factors for mental impairment and disease.

With so many positive reasons to be eating dark chocolate, there’s no reason not to indulge! For all of your candy-making needs, trust the experts at Savage Bros.! For more than 150 years, Savage Bros. has continuously manufactured candy and chocolate making equipment that is recognized worldwide for its quality and reliability. Let our pouring bowls, chocolate melters, packers and more help you streamline your chocolate-making business. Call us today to learn more!

4 Simple Ingredients, Unlimited Chocolate Possibilities

Whether you love to nibble on fresh-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies, add some milk chocolate to a s’more or enjoy decadent dark chocolate candies, it’s hard to pick a favorite chocolate treat. With so many options, types and tastes, there’s definitely something for everyone!

No matter what flavor is your favorite, all types of chocolate start with chocolate liquor (which actually does not contain any alcohol, despite its name), which is formed by grinding cacao beans into a smooth, liquid paste.

Types of Different Chocolate

Different Types of Chocolate

Once the chocolate liquor has been allowed to cool and harden, you have “unsweetened chocolate”, also known as baking, pure or bitter chocolate. If you like things a little sweeter, adding cocoa butter and sugar in varying amounts to the chocolate liquor creates semisweet chocolate (the perfect addition to cookies), or traditional sweet chocolate, depending on the amounts of sugar and cocoa butter added.

Milk chocolate, as you might have guessed, combines 10% chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, sugar and milk, of course. And while white chocolate is not technically categorized as a type of chocolate because it doesn’t contain any chocolate liquor, it is also made of at least 20% cocoa butter and 14% milk and varying amounts of sugar.

So, with just a few simple ingredients, you can make virtually any type of chocolate you want, but having the right equipment to get the job done is just as important. The experts at Savage Bros have been perfecting the art of chocolate making with high-quality, innovative chocolate-making equipment and confectionary supplies since 1855.

We’ve been helping restaurants, hotels and large businesses get the very best mixers, melters and industrial equipment needed to make large-scale chocolate and candy making a breeze!

Call one of our knowledgeable experts today for more details about our extensive list of products we offer. We’ll help provide you with the tools to make your job easier, so you can focus on what’s most important—chocolate!

There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Chocolate

At Savage Bros, we’ve been on the forefront of chocolate-making equipment since 1855, when our founder, Philip Savage set out to create chocolate that was more delicious – plain and simple.

It’s been over 150 years since then, and the professionals at Savage Bros are still working each and every day to perfect the science of chocolate.

It’s a sensual process — one that requires love, believe it or not. Making chocolate, especially on a mass scale, can be a very difficult and grueling process. And if you don’t have the right equipment behind you… forget it.

That’s where Savage Bros comes in. We’ve been helping restaurants, hotels and large corporations perfect their recipes and put a smile on their customer’s face for as long as we can remember.

Our lifting and pouring bowls are huge and well-engineered – so are our bakery icing and fondant processing tanks – perfect for your high-volume establishment.

Call us today for a no-obligation consultation and free quote with one of our chocolate-making equipment experts. We can’t wait to impress you with the details. Call now or go to our homepage to submit a request and sign up for our newsletter – we’ll get back to you with some valuable info!